Green Polished Concrete

Greg Schwietz, President, L&M Construction Chemicals
Following a recent trip to a national Building Conference, I see the use of concrete becoming an increasingly important building material for "Green construction." With new advancements in Polished Concrete, design professionals and building owners are now choosing concrete as the final flooring material.
Here are some reasons polished concrete is Green:

  • Rehabilitation of existing slabs saves the environment.
  • Contributes to LEED points in many categories.
  • Treatment chemicals are water-based, VOC-free and environmentally safe.
  • The exceptional durability of chemically hardened, polished concrete greatly reduces long term maintenance costs.
  • The thermal properties of concrete can be realized, but only fully realized, when the floor is left exposed. Attractive, colorful, polished concrete makes that a reality.

Polished Concrete & LEED Certification - Adobe PDF

FGS PermaShine Adds Beauty and Energy Efficiency to LEED Certified Projects - Adobe PDF

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